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The “full access” ticket includes the FAB16 event, evening activities and the Fab City Summit event.

Tickets do not include other costs of your trip.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : If you are planning to lead a workshop, we are offering you a discount of $125 on the full registration cost. HOWEVER, your workshop must be approved before you can receive a discount code. If you purchase your ticket before being approved, the discount cannot be applied later.

595 $(CAD)


including the Fab City Summit

(995 (CAD) full rate as of May 1st)


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195 $(CAD)

95 $(CAD)


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Refund Policy
Your event tickets are refundable upon request until May 1, 2020; please note that a ticket processing fee (tx ticket price in x5%) will be withheld.

The health and safety of FAB16 and Fab City Summit participants is a priority for us! Although our events are major, international events, currently the governments of Canada and Québec have not put any restrictions on the events for the period. We will keep you informed if the government should put in place certain restrictions. You can follow the evolution of the government's recommendations here:

Travel to Québec
Travel to Canada

Special measures
We are currently studying all the technological possibilities of in order to offer the conferences, workshops and working groups of the event by videoconference so that you can attend.

The refund policy does not apply to hotels and flights booked as part of your trip, please contact your travel agent for more information. Some airlines such as Air France and Air Canada have relaxed their refund policies, please check with your travel agent. For example, Air Canada offers to change your ticket at no charge up to 14 days before your trip. For more information, please contact or the travel agency

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