Be part of the largest conference on digital fabrication in the world.

Join us online August 9-15, 2021 for FAB16 and Fab City Summit, the annual meeting of the international Fab Lab network, a hybrid and distributed event! Join world-class panelists, members of the Fab Lab community, makers from all over the world and professionals from multiple fields. Attend world-class panels, demos, workshops, discussions and lab presentations from representatives from all over the globe!

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we will have plenary sessions followed by workshops, opportunities to meet with our sponsors, and Academany (Fab Academy and Fabricademy) graduation. Wednesday, we will have a full day of TV broadcasting from Labs around the world, showcasing their local talent, curating local panels, and more. The Fab City Summit will then run from Friday to Sunday, with the launch of the Fab City Campus in Montréal taking place on August 13 and 14, and will host the Fab Fest on August 14.


You will be able to follow the full schedule details, links, tutors, registration and much more, by registering on our online platform here :

This year, we are hoping to encourage more local engagement during FAB16 with the FAB16 Hubs! Below is a list of the participating FAB16 Hubs. If there will be local programming at one of the Hubs and they have shared that with us, you will find it by clicking on their name. We ask everyone to keep safety above all else and be mindful of the COVID-19 restrictions in their location.

If you would like to add a Hub, please fill out this form:

Any questions, email

Distributed Hub (Coordinate your region's participation in local and/or global workshops, help coordinate materials for workshops, propose hands-on and/or theoretical workshops globally streamed, and/or participate in FABTV day)

North American Digital Fabrication Alliance, USA
FabAcademy, Central Europe
Fab Labs Québec, Canada
Fabricademy, Paros, Greece
Kenya Makerspaces Network, Kenya
Insper FabLab, Brazil

Graduation Hub (Academany Nodes that just want to host a Graduation gathering locally)

FabAcademy, Central Europe

Local Hub (Engage your region's participants in the conference, and Coordinate and produce content for local workshops, in your local language and time)

Fab Lab Suomi, Finland
Rede Fab Lab Brasil, Brazil
Red Chilena de Fabricación Digital, Chile
Kerala, India

Community Partner (Support with Online Communication and getting the word out)

CST, Buthan
Fab Lab Yucatan, Mexico
Arctic Circle Fab Lab, Sisimiut, Greenland

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